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Taco Turkey Burgers

My favorite thing ever is when I am sitting at work thinking about what I want to eat for dinner (it’s sad, really, how often I think about my meals ahead of time) and I realize that I have exactly the right ingredients to make something that I imagined up.

That happened today, and it was glorious.

I had a pound (well, a little less) of ground turkey, spinach, tomato, half an avocado, cheddar cheese, and four hamburger buns.  Combined with a little Greek yogurt and chili powder, and a taco turkey burger was born.


Taco Turkey Burgers (makes four burgers)

  • 3/4 lb ground turkey
  • 1 t chili powder
  • 1/2 t cumin
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1/2 ripe avocado
  • 2 T plain Greek yogurt (I used nonfat)
  • burger toppings: we used cheddar cheese, spinach, and tomato slices

Start by seasoning the meat while the grill preheats.  Combine the turkey, chili powder, cumin, and salt, and mix until well combined.  Shape into four patties and set aside.

Squash the avocado into a small bowl (yep, “squash” is the technical cooking term)–I use the back of a big spoon.  Once it’s creamy and yummy, add the Greek yogurt and mix well.

This is the delicious avocado cream that will make what could be a dry turkey burger taste like delicious, juicy, taco heaven.  Well, that and the cheese.

Grill the burgers until cooked through, then top with the cheese, avocado cream, and all those other accoutrements.  I prefer to toast the buns whenever I eat burgers, but that’s up to you.

You could just as easily make this with ground beef or chicken–turkey is just what I had in the fridge.  Super delicious, super satisfying.

Equally as delicious:  Fritz.

Isn’t he just so gosh-darn handsome?

Here’s some other pictures from over the weekend–it’s our three year wedding anniversary coming up in a few weeks, and I’m happy to report that one very bad cat, many torturous nights of studying, many thousands of dollars in school loans, two apartments, and a whole food blog later, I still love the guy.

How could you not?

Tomorrow is Friday!!

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  1. Nuts about food

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Hannah

    Avocado cream – what a fabulous idea! Today is Kristen’s graduation, and I’ll take some pictures for you. When we are all together for our summer cookout – can you make us these?? Thanks Lally!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      I feel like the avocado + greek yogurt combo is going to be in my life a lot more often now!

  3. Christina

    Oh you are so gorgeous. What a beautiful couple – and one beautiful burger! Spring is just asking for burgers. I’d never had turkey mince before moving to Canada (a couple of months ago). It’s so nice that it is accessible now – I really do like it. Will be giving these a go sometime :)

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thank you! I love burgers in the spring/summer :)

  4. Alexis


    Those pictures are SOO cute they should put be put in the standard picture you get when you buy a picture frame. Literally. I was turning green in envy at how beautiful you two look together.

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thanks! :) that’s so nice!