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  1. Stefania

    Thank you. Looking forward to sharing recipes and cooking tips.

  2. cathy fuentes

    Love new ideas and recipe’s, I enjoy cooking, running and fitness, oh and shopping of course!!!

  3. Katie

    You eat like I do, you experiment like I do. I am soooo in love with your blog! I can’t wait to read it all!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      Happy to have you!

  4. Trisch

    Hiya Lauren !
    I came across your blog while searching for drinks to make with the Nutribullet that I just ordered and received yesterday. I am sooooo happy that I found you ! Your recipes are awesome and I have a feeling that my favorite will also be the ” Cafe au lait green monster “. I can’t wait to try it this afternoon for a snack between lunch & dinner. If my bananas aren’t at that perfect almost black peak yet ( I actually just bought them last nite & they are still yellow ), what can I add to the different drink recipes as a sweetner ?
    I looking forward to checking out alot of your recipes. My body is broken in so many ways and I am on a quest to make myself feel as good and as strong as possible. Your blog will be incorporated into my lifestyle :)
    Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your knowledge !
    Hugs :)

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      Hi Trish! Glad to have you visit the blog! You can use whatever you like as a sweetener–I usually use honey or agave when I need something extra, not because they are “healthier” sugars but because they are already liquid and no crunchy granules linger in the mix :) Best of luck nursing your body back to health!!

  5. Kelly

    I never really used to be a big fan of cooking, until I met a man who is very particular about what he eats, now I rewant to show him that I can be q woman who knows her way around the kitchen I love yo recipes and they are going to be my secret weapon. Thnk you do much

  6. Karen

    This morning I made a hearty snow shoveling breakfast of fried eggs avocado with ham on toast……wished I had better bread……looked up Bernard Claytons first loaf recipe ……have never ever baked a loaf of bread, and found recipe on your blog!!!! Then I saw my breakfast on your recipe index!!!!!! How weird…in a wonderful way! Making a homemade bread is on my bucket list!!! After this round of snow….I might attempt the first loaf……I am a horrible baker……..hope its the easiest recipe…..if you have a simpler recipe, I would love it…….want my first attempt at bread making to inspire me to keep going……thanks, so happy to have found you!!!

    1. Karen

      Why is my comment still awaiting approval?

      1. Lauren Zietsman

        Sorry Karen, I do appreciate you commenting. If you read my most recent blog post you will see that I don’t actually actively use this blog anymore. I check in very infrequently behind-the-scenes to approve comments. I would make it so they don’t have to be moderated but then there will be tons of spam!

    2. Lauren Zietsman

      Hope you try baking bread, I find it very peaceful and cathartic. The First Loaf recipe is a good one for a yeast-based bread. For an easier loaf you can always try a banana bread recipe first, which is a quick bread and doesn’t require rising time, etc.