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Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  I go to bed excited about having breakfast the next morning.  I get a little sad after I finish breakfast ’cause I have to wait a whole ‘nother day before I have it again.

So clearly I can get pretty excited when I have a fun idea for something new.  I found this recipe on Foodgawker the other day and just happened to have all the ingredients handy.  Plus, I’ve been trying to eat more vegetables lately, and including them in breakfast is a good way to start.

Stuffed Breakfast Tomatoes (adapted from Pip & Ebby; serves 1)

  • 1 ripe tomato (a big one, not a Roma or the like)
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1/4 onion, diced
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 C shredded cheese–I used mozzarella, but go with what you like!
  • salt and pepper to taste
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the top of the tomato off and scoop out the insides to make a bowl; set aside.

Over medium heat, sauté the garlic and diced onion until soft.  Add the spinach and stir around until it wilts.

Now, assemble!

I used half the spinach mixture (really pack it in there–you can squish a lot of volume into a tomato), then half the cheese.

Top with the remaining half of the spinach and break the egg gently into the top.

Cover with the rest of the cheese.

Bake on the middle rack for about fifteen minutes, then turn on broil for a few minutes until the cheese is browned and the egg is fully cooked through.

I loved this! I baked it for a bit longer, and my yolk was fully cooked through. In the future, I’d probably prefer it with a slightly runny yolk, but that’s all person preference.

I was also not careful scooping out the tomato guts, and cracked through the tomato in a few places at the very top. Once it started cooking through, it split down a few of the cracks and collapsed.  Moral of the story: don’t be like me.

 Still super delicious, though, and very filling.  Kind of like an inside-out omelet!

We have been packing and painting and doing lots of moving stuff so that the next two weeks aren’t hellish, and got a lot of stuff done today.  As we are slowly emptying closets, Henry is happy to find new places to snuggle.

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  1. Maria

    Ooh, can’t wait for my tomato plants to start producing so I can test this out!

  2. Heidi Bundles Of Hugs

    That looks like the perfect breakfast! I’d still pair a side of fresh potatoes with it. Some people can be so creative with the simplest ingredients.

  3. Elodie Amora

    This looks like a simple recipe, but I bet its really delicious too! I would have this for lunch or dinner too!

  4. Katie

    That looks so good! I think I’d make this for dinner, though…I can’t part with my cinnamon toast crunch in the morning. :)

  5. kero


  6. Jenny @ BAKE

    I am so jealous that I don’t share in your breakfast enthusiasm, every morning I force down a bowl of soggy whole bran cereal (its the only thing that fills me up till snack time), I wish I could take as much enjoyment from the meal as you do!

  7. Jen

    I just nominated for my Favourite Blog Award ;-) I love your blog. http://prairiesummers.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/the-joy-of-blogging/
    There are no strings attached just my way of saying Thank you. Jen

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thanks! made me smile!

  8. Nuts about food

    I make cold rice-stuffed tomatoes in the summer, but never thought of cooking an egg in them! Cool!

  9. Bebe

    Looks so good, love the egg on top!

  10. laura

    Looks perfect, easy, and healthy! Will be on my to make next weekend list! And I LOVE the kitty….

  11. Wendy

    What oven temperature did you use? I’ve seen this recipe twice now, and no oven temperature.
    I have an electric oven.

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      it actually does say to preheat the oven to 350 degrees! enjoy :)

  12. Nomming_Natty

    Oh my! I googled a recipe to try and this is perfect for an easy breakfast, i’ll definitely be sticking around for more recipes :D

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