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Mendon Ponds Park

I have been really enjoying life in Rochester lately (especially today, with a high of 68 degrees!). ¬†In western and upstate New York, the weather is just beautiful in the late summer and (I know it’s too early to be thinking this, but–) early fall.


Fritz and I have negotiated our way through some recommended restaurants and all the parks in the nearby area. ¬†Some places we’ve loved:


The Gate House: a seriously delicious eatery that we’ve frequented several times due to repeated demands of guests to try the Wegman–a lamb burger with feta and mint relish. ¬†I’m normally not much of a salad girl when I go out to eat (um, hello, not wasting my infrequent trips out on some lettuce), but I couldn’t resist trying the Powdermill on a ridiculously hot day–roasted beets, peppered goat cheese, and grilled asparagus with a balsamic reduction. ¬†Easily the best salad I’ve ever had.

Espada (Brazilian Steak): expensive, but worth it for a treat. ¬†Major props to those who can keep their jeans buttoned after a steakhouse like this. ¬†I almost ate them out of house and home when it came to the grilled pineapple (with a burnt sugar glaze–to die for). ¬†I think I impressed my dad with my ability to put away food here. ¬†Mom and Dad took me here when they were up in Rochester for the PGA and Bills training camp. Notably, here’s Fritz’s reaction when he realized that he wouldn’t be able to go to Espada with us (he had another dinner engagement):


John’s Tex Mex: casual, spicy, and filling–basically everything you could want in Tex Mex, all in the South Wedge area. ¬†I loved the vibe of the place, and this place is light on the wallet but not on the cheese.

The Daily Refresher: a self-titled “gastro-lounge”, this place is (luckily) walking distance from our apartment and was recently renovated and filled with gorgeous antiques. ¬†They serve a killer mojito (and have quite a few more sophisticated drinks like a house charcoal bourbon). ¬†They also have a new food truck that serves hot and tasty french fries, which draws me like a moth to a flame when I’ve had a drink or two late at night.

Aside from eating, we’ve been ambling around all of Rochester’s parks (and I actually managed to run to, around, and from Cobbs Hill Park yesterday, which is why I may not move off the couch for a week until my hamstrings return to their normal pliability).

Here’s a few pictures from Mendon Ponds Park, which may be my current favorite outdoor destination since they have a variety of (relatively well-marked) trails so I can choose how far I feel like walking and how to best avoid walking up any sort of incline.










What else has been going on here? ¬†Emerson has been sick and sneezing (so cute!) but is feeling better–however, I just heard Henry sneeze three times rapid-fire, so he may be next. ¬†My great friends Breanna and Zev came for a visit. ¬†I go to Calgary next week for the only real time-off I’ve had (not counting two days for Christmas and when Fritz graduated) all year, and I plan on reading ten thousand books and drinking an equivalent amount of wine (and lots of catching up with the in-laws). Work is good, job is good, blah blah blah. ¬†Oh, just bought some new conditioner to try! ¬†Need to get a hair cut in the worst of ways. ¬†I’m still wearing a watch held together with rubber bands because I keep forgetting to go buy a new one. ¬†I also have three pairs of sunglasses in my car, all broken in various ways–but I will have time to go to the mall tomorrow between kiddos. ¬†Did I mention that Rochester has an Anthropologie? ¬†Closest I’ve been to one since working in it in Westchester county! I almost ate an entire bag of Flips today (I believe it was four or five servings?) because I was craving chocolate in the worst way.


I’m craving some again because I made the terrible decision to watch¬†Revolutionary Road¬†while blogging and now I need a serious pick-me-up‚Ķthough Kate Winslet is my idol and I wish I could wear blonde hair and red lipstick the way she does.

Yeah.  And this is happening right now in the other room:


Pretty sure that Emerson is smirking. ¬†Also pretty sure these cats love Fritz four hundred thousand times more than they love me, though I’m 98% sure (based on an episode of¬†House) that this is because he generates more heat, not because I am an inferior pet parent. ¬†Thoughts?

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  1. Maria

    I think it’s the heat factor b/c my cats love to cuddle with hubs more than me, too, and he is like a heater! When our cats had sneezing attacks, by the way, the vet told us the respiratory illness spreads from one cat to another. Meds helped them heal.

  2. Hannah

    Pond pictures are gorgeous! I’m a little jealous of having that place so close, but then I remember we have Orenda and the Conservation Center, and the Finger Lakes near here! Next up – APPLES! Can’t wait :-)

  3. M. Sieburg

    Hahaha! I love your posts… Even more so now that it’s not filled w food I can’t eat:) (LOVE your recipes, but my acid reflux hell story I’ll save for another time!)
    We will be visiting Rochester sometime next week on our staycation for a trip to the Lego store & hopefully some good food & sweet hiking at a park. Will def check this park out!
    Many blessings to you & Fritz!

  4. Erin

    Have you been to Corbett’s Glenn yet? It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Rochester and just minutes from the city (sits right off 490 at the 441/Linden Ave. exit). Genesee Land Trust also protects many other parks that are open to the public but not many people are aware of…http://www.geneseelandtrust.org/protected-places.aspx?id=12

    Glad you are enjoying Rochester! I didn’t realize you moved here until I saw your post about Mendon Ponds Park on Facebook. It’s a great city with so many hidden jewels to explore.

  5. Rosie from SC

    Agreed that the pics are breath taking! Not sure about the sneezing and about your precious furbabies and Fritz……… perhaps they gravitate to him is because hubby stays put in one place longer than you? Being multi-taskers, as women, we don’t sit still as long as our male and feline companions. Just saying…