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Honeydew Melon Granita

Yeah, I’m aware that summer isn’t just around the corner.  I know that spring isn’t anywhere near making its debut.  But…but when it’s the weekend, and I actually get to see the sun from 7:00 to 5:10 (sun past five? Unbelievable!), I can feel myself letting my brain think that, just for a minute, it’s almost warm weather.  We even had the window open and a fan going today!

Sometimes I decide that it’s okay to play into my delusions.  It’s okay to take the super-ripe honeydew melon that Fritz kept promising he’d eat, blend it, and freeze it into a granita.  It’s okay to pour alcohol over that granita and sit in a sunny spot in the kitchen with a book (and the heater blowing warm air on my feet), and pretend I’m on vacation at the beach.  It’s okay to make Fritz go outside to grill a steak for dinner because it’s “too hot to cook”…right?

Even Henry spent the whole day lounging in the sunny spots.



Honeydew Melon Granita

  • 1 ripe honeydew melon, seeds and rind removed
  • 1-2 T agave nectar (or whatever sweetener you want, if you want)
  • 2 T lime or lemon juice

Combine all the ingredients in a blender, and whizz away until smooth.

Pour the fruit mixture into a glass or plastic container and stick it in the freezer.

As it freezes, you scratch the surface of the granita to produce ice crystals (instead of letting it freeze into a solid block).  Do this a couple of times–an hour after it goes in the freezer, a few hours after that, and so on and so forth.  Once it’s all broken up, you can leave it in the freezer and enjoy at your whim.

No alcohol necessary–but if you wanted to pour some over the top, you know I wouldn’t judge you.  You can also blend the spirits right in from the beginning, but it will probably take longer to freeze, and possibly not freeze as well at all.  Depends on how much you use!

But it’s also okay to enjoy it as a refreshing and healthy non-alcoholic fruit dessert.  The honeydew tastes so cool and fresh–I can only imagine how perfect this will be in the summer as a cool-off dessert.

You can do this with any fruit–I think the melon granita would be amazing layered with a more tart raspberry granita.


Summer…I want you.  Now.

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  1. leaf (the indolent cook)

    This looks lovely… and it’s actually summer where I am, so I don’t have to pretend, yay!

  2. Brandon

    Summer can’t come soon enough, and nothing says summer like granita and honeydew melon! Delicious, I’m pinning this to Pinterest.

  3. Paula @ Spoons ‘n’ Spades

    Oh, this looks wonderful! Really cold here at the moment, but I can definitely pretend it’s summer for something so delicious :-)

  4. myfudo

    Wonderful clicks! I am a fan of succulent honeydew melons…They are so sweet smelling and so flavorful. Thanks for a lovely treat!

  5. Tracy @ Daily Deal Blog

    I love its color… a refreshing drink to start the day. Great photos too!

  6. Vicky

    Looks great. I’ve made ice cream and frozen yogurt before but never granita – will have to try this now that it’s getting warmer!