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Hard Drive Shenanigans

Of course the week I get back into the flow of blogging, my hard drive crashes.

But! I won’t despair, because praise the baby Jesus, my MacBook is still covered under AppleCare for a few more months (I am always so proud and relieved when I discover that three-years-ago-me decided to buy things under warranty expecting current-me to have some kind of disaster).

It really was perfect timing, though, as far as hard drive crashes go.  Since Memorial Day weekend is coming up, I’m just going to enjoy time with friends and family (hello, Roc City Rib Fest tomorrow!), take four million pictures of the littlest things, and probably even vacuum up some of this cat hair.  Plus, Fritz got an iPad mini for his birthday in April, so he’s less peeved that I am currently borrowing his computer to catch up on all my notes and reports before the weekend (at least, that’s what I told him I’m doing.  But there’s a new episode of Catfish: The TV Show!)

So here’s a picture of a picture of some soup I just made (and promptly inhaled), that you’ll get to see sometime next week.  Have a great weekend!Soup

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  1. kero

    Omigoodness! I just realized you were back when I noticed your new posts pop in my reader. Awesome!! So funny, I was just thinking yesterday about making the popovers you posted way back when.. then felt a little sad you weren’t blogging anymore.. then felt a little embarrassed for having gotten so attached to your blog and the goings on of your family & cats. You all seem so lovely and I loved how you came through as a real person. Suffice it to say, I’m really happy you’re back and look forward to trying more of your great recipes!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thank you so much!! :) People like you make me WANT to be back blogging :) Plus, it’s so easy to get attached to internet cats…;)