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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s? Mothers’?

Anyway, I hope you had a happy one.

There are three major mothers in my life:

1). Mine.  Basically everything I hope to grow up to be, in the end.  If you know my mom, it’s pretty obvious why.

Pretty obvious even if you don’t know her.

2) My sister, Erin. She is celebrating her first ever Mother’s Day as a mom.  And an amazing one, at that.

3) Fritz’s mom, Tharrie. Amongst all those horror stories of horrifying mother-in-laws, I lucked out.  She is always inspiring and encouraging.

And I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this, but she has been working incredibly hard and getting into amazing shape in the last few months–I almost didn’t recognize her at the airport!


Fritz and I were lucky enough to spend this weekend with his parents and his sister, and we decided to go out east to the wineries, the beaches, the farms (and the local asparagus!), and the cute shopping towns.

Sometimes I love living on Long Island, and today was one of those days.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

I love you, Mee-Maw!!

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  1. Erin

    Loved this post. Love you! xxx

  2. Hannah

    <3 <3 Lally! XXOOXX See you soon!

  3. Tharrie

    Mothersday 2012

    On me was bestowed from a Father above
    A wife for my son that was his ribs
    He called her by her name, Lauren
    And so we all fell in love with her
    He made her beautiful
    Not just from her crown to her toe
    But from inside the rooms of her heart
    Is painted with love and caring and thoughtfulness

    On me was bestowed from above
    A daughter, a friend and never forget what she creates with her hands
    It might be curtains, or herbs in pots, and spectacular gifts she wraps!
    She can make ouma Ebie’s chocolate cake with a blue ribbon on top
    She bakes, she cooks, she blogs, she listens to patients, she CARES
    And yes, she loves and cares for Fritz

    On me was bestowed from above
    A Mothersday to remember for ever
    A brunch from a kitchen of Happiness
    and then, as if this was not enough:
    a lime green country morning on a winery with guitar music…..
    a trip among the oldest of trees
    with New England houses and mailboxes on guard,
    a walk on a pebble beach with a ocean glued with glitter
    coffee ordered from a black chalkboard with sailboats as a view
    a detour in a antique shop
    Topped with a barbecue in the evening with exactly all I am allowed to consume!!!!
    All of this well planned with the sounds and laughter of my kids that I love so much
    Eber, Fritz and Lauren

    On me was bestowed from above
    The best off all
    A daughter-in-law …….no no no
    A second daughter : Lauren
    Thank you – what a day to remember
    Love you Lauren