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Fall Food Roundup

I’m going to be honest with you and admit that I have a very,┬ávery┬álow tolerance regarding how many pictures I’m willing to edit in one day. ┬áMy poor blog has been neglected because I’ve avoided finally getting to editing the remaining pictures from my trip to California to visit my sister and her family, but today I buckled down and finished it! ┬áSo at the end of this post I’ll throw in a few of my favorite pictures from that marathon editing session I just did.┬á(It’s also hard to edit pictures that make me feel sad because I miss those darn family members).

So even though I’ve taken pictures for two new recipes to share, I just don’t have the motivation right now to edit a bunch more pictures. ┬áBUT now that I’m free and clear in the “people pictures” editing world, I don’t have to guiltily avoid my camera and I’ll have the photos for a new recipe for you this week–Tuesday or Wednesday, at least.

Anyway, some of you may not have read my blog throughout the years, and have probably missed some of my favorite recipes. ┬áSince it’s solidly into fall (and therefore the BEST cooking weather), I wanted to go back and share some of my favorites–old and new–that I make again and again, or just wanted a reminder to make again this fall.

Vanilla Chai Latte: comforting, warm, spicy–perfect for a relaxing way to end a busy day.

Vanilla Chai Latte

South African Multigrain Rusks: a favorite in our family, for dipping into tea or coffee when you need something before the next meal.

South African Rusks

Double Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti: a sweet and tart accompaniment to those warm drinks.

Double Chocolate Cranberry BiscottiApple Cinnamon Muffins: because–well, apple and cinnamon.
Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Cinnamon Sugar Almond Butter: easy to make from scratch, and a perfect salty-sweet-cinnamon flavor.

IMG_7273Cinnamon Swirl Bread: for the ambitious baker craving that sticky cinnamon swirl that makes fallÔÇŽfall.


Tequila-Lime Chicken Wings: these are killer wings. ┬áTangy, salty, crispy–everything you can want in a chicken wing.

IMG_6062-800x533Chorizo Kale Pasta Bowl: a quick, throw-together meal (though I always now add diced tomatoes–add with the kale).

Kale Chorizo Pasta BowlGumbo: I’m actually headed to New Orleans in a week! Can’t wait to eat some serious gumbo!

IMG_29881Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon: a classic, hearty stew that you’ll dream of for weeks afterwards.


and last but not least,

Garlic Lentil Soup: a simple, spicy, and soup-er (yeah, I did that) smooth soup that’s not as scary as the ingredient list may lead you to believe.

Garlic Lentil SoupAs promised, here’s a few totally unrelated pictures from my family photoshoot this summer.

IMG_6378 IMG_6494 IMG_6352 IMG_6088



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