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Double Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti (and Other Biscotti Recipes)

I’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes work on my blog lately, which is time-consuming and tedious, but ultimately rewarding.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

My next big blog project is to update and reorganize the “Recipes” page, so it doesn’t look like my cat made it.  Part of this involves weeding through the recipes and decided which ones are worth keeping and which ones aren’t.


I’ve blogged about this before, but one of the downsides to writing a food blog is that you rarely repeat recipes.  My lazy day, tried-and-true recipes aren’t really worth blogging about (spaghetti, oatmeal, egg sandwiches…peanut butter and jelly…), and the recipes that I make and love often get overlooked a second time for something new.

So on occasion it’s nice to go back and revisit the old goodies.


Because I’ve written the recipe out before, I won’t do it again–but today I (re)made some delicious double-chocolate and cranberry biscotti.


Perfect surprising unexpected cranberry tang when combined with rich, bitter dark chocolate and sweet chocolate chips.


Perfect for dunking in coffee.


Perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon snack.


Basically just perfect.

Following a blog reader tip, I baked these in a loaf pan (squashed the dough into the bottom of two small pans) instead of having to shape them into a log.  It worked just fine either way.


Here’s a few other biscotti recipes I’ve made over the years:

  1. Chocolate chip biscotti
  2. Ginger chocolate chip biscotti
  3. Whole-wheat pumpkin walnut biscotti
  4. Cranberry sweet potato rusks
  5. Banana whole-wheat rusks

Rusks, in case you were wondering, are a South African version of biscotti.  They tend to be a little more rustic, and don’t have the classic almond extract taste that many biscotti have (mine notwithstanding).

In fact, looking through old blog recipes not only reminds me of what I want to make for the second time, but all the recipes I make and can’t believe that I never shared here.  There are some fantastic (and more traditional) rusks that my family makes and loves, that you definitely need to try–buttermilk rusks, aniseed rusks (possibly my favorite), and multigrain rusks that are seriously good.

In fact, rusks top the list of reasons that I will be eternally grateful I married a South African.

(In case you are interested, a ridiculous amount of the other reasons I’m happy I married a South African are food related.  These include but are not limited to lamb chops, biltong, wine, droĂ«wors, apricots+bacon, rooibos tea, chutney, and Amarula).

So the moral of this blog post is:  make some biscotti, marry a South African, and beware of the state of my recipes page.


The cats have reached a truce!  We are now able to leave them together unsupervised, which is a relief and much easier than constantly having to watch and isolate them.  It all begin with Henry gingerly creeping up on Emerson sleeping in a sunny spot on the bed, and ended with a full-out cuddle session.


No cuddles since that day, but they are getting along fabulously and playing their little hearts out.


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  1. Bernadette

    The thinking at one time was that cats were solitary creatures and that they did well alone. That thinking has since changed and it’s now recommended that you have at least two cats especially if you’re away from home most of the day. Looks like they’re becoming best buds….Yay!

  2. Bruce

    Aw- Emerson’s Mother Hen pose. It does not appear that Henry is in the least bit ashamed of this cuddle sesh.

  3. Erin

    This entire post makes my heart happy. Please, please, please post the recipe for rusks, in all varieties. I’m pretty sure that’s what my winter is missing, and it could be good therapy while I get used to life sans Emers. If I can’t have a cat that snugs, I’ll just gorge myself on warm tea and Emmie Treats. Ha!

    I am so impressed by your writing and your photography. Keep it coming! I’m going to try to be a more faithful commenter, since I really do read every post. Love you!

  4. Caitlin

    Firstly, the comment section is showing up properly! Yay! lol

    I’m definitely intrigued by the rusks! I also think it’d be really cool if once a week or once a month you did a flashback to an older recipe because I think even as readers, we sometimes forget the other ones we’ve tried and loved! We get caught up in the new as well. :)

    I’m glad Henry and Emmerson are bffs now. I have 4 cats that were introduced at 3 separate times and it can be SO stressful, but definitely rewarding when you’re laying in bed under a fur blanket. lol

  5. Sandi

    Yay for best buds. Now they can’t teach each other all their naughty tricks. Ours did!

  6. Nuts about food

    Gosh, those two kitties are adorable! I also find that always looking for new recipes for my blog sort of takes the pleasure away of making family classics. I am learning to force myself to slowdown and not post if I haven’t made anything new and interesting rather than getting antsy and feeling forced to cook something different.

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      I’ve been trying to do that as well :) quality over quantity!

      1. Nuts about food

        Just wanted to let you know I used this recipe to make my variation of biscotti and linked back to this post!

        1. Lauren Zietsman

          glad to hear it!

  7. Cait

    So glad they are getting along!! They are so cute :) Ollie wants to play.

    Love your mug :) And this blog. It get’s better and better…