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A Blue Jay Kind of Morning

So, as we were sitting down to eat breakfast (I made Fritz french toast in the world-renowned style of my dad, by the way), we noticed something unusual.   Henry hadn’t moved from his post at the window all morning.

Not only that, but he was…chirping.  It was weird.

After a few minutes of casual observation, we noticed that four blue jays were storming our deck and yelling at Henry.  No, really.

They took turns sharing their true feelings.  Loudly.

Our downstairs neighbor also texted us to tell us that the jays had also dive-bombed her little dog as he meandered outside to relieve himself.

My first and only thought–must run outside to find baby birds!  Fritz quickly followed with my new telephoto lens.

Man, I love that guy.

Sure enough, two baby blue jays had fallen from their nest and were apparently planning on taking temporary residence by our pool.  Whatever jays weren’t occupied with screening the neighborhood for imminent danger were busy with frequent feedings.

So cute!

The babies spent the morning slowly wandering from one end of the pool to the other, stretching, eating, cheeping, and basically being totally adorable.

Fritz was worried that they would get eaten by the dogs that visited with our landlord or run over by a lawnmower or fall into the pool.  I was nervous that their parents/aunts/uncles/nosy blue jay neighbors would get sick and tired of so many obnoxious humans with telephoto lenses hangin’ around that they’d just abandon their babies (don’t worry, I stayed pretty far away).

We clearly underestimated the vigilance of the blue jay.

Constant vigilance!

Name that movie and I will give you…my undying love.

Henry eventually got tired of defending his throne and wandered off to find some other important things to do.  It appears that this mostly involved sleeping.

I hope that you got to see something beautiful and out of the ordinary today!

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  1. Brit

    What awesome pictures! Sounds like an exciting morning for Henry. :-)

  2. florence

    Bonjour de France.I love your pictures .It’s so poetic,and full of kindness.And thanks for your recipes.Have a nice day.

  3. Kathy

    I’m a member of a local Audubon Society and I shared this on our Facebook page. I love your happy perspective and observations on the small pleasures that make life joyful – it’s very much appreciated!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      thanks! glad you wanted to share it!

  4. aubrimichelle

    isn’t “constant vigilance” a harry potter quote? first in the goblet of fire then later in remembrance of mad-eye in the deathly hallows? i’m a bit obsessed with harry potter so that was my first thought
    the baby birds are so cute!

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      yes it is! and you win my undying love :) I’m a LOT obsessed with Harry Potter so… :)

  5. aubrimichelle

    well then…if you haven’t stumbled across it already…my boyfriend found this recipe for me and it completely made my day
    i had a cauldron cake when my family went to harry potter world at universal in orlando for christmas and they’re delicious (: frozen butterbeer is extremely tasty also

    1. Lauren Zietsman

      amazing! I just got invited to a Harry Potter party comin’ up soon so I may just have to bring these and some butterbeer :)

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